Innovative fittings in various sectors

Our products are developed by our own engineers in house – often in close cooperation with our customers. So our personally designed products make for practical use. Our long-standing and extensive experience serves as the basis for innovative redesign of the fittings.

Storz couplings and fittings are an essential part of our product portfolio. We manufacture the fittings to strict standards in various sizes and materials. The fittings are therefore not only safe and immediately ready for use, but are also compatible with other products.


We provide firefighting equipment made of aluminum in international standards for mobile water supply in case of fire and everyday firefighting.

Drinking water supply

We manufacture standpipes and stainless steel accessories with branch pipes for use in drinking water supply.


We supply the industry with couplings and hoses for the transportation of abrasive products.


For fire prevention on ships we manufacture fittings made out of bronze and brass.

Pellet Filling systems

International filling systems for wood pellets and wood chip storages for homes, residences and public institutions.


For agriculture we produce couplings for easy transportation of natural fertilizer.